I'm on a tiny hiatus. I have no desire to play right now.
My name is Gabee and I have a obsession for ts3.
I'm twenty years old and I reside in California.
This is where I'll log my sims stories.
Photoshoot Sims
Wicks Family
My Sims
Collier Family
My Original blog, not sims related.

Also, I can't follow on this blog so I follow every simblog with my MAIN blog. So if I follow you from there, if you follow that blog back too, beware, I reblog a lot of manga/anime type stuff. Also, I can't message/ask from this blog directly so my asks I send come from my main unless you message/ask me first, and I'll reply from this one.
Thank you all for giving my blog a chance and looking at it. :)
× You need a makeover asap.

You need a makeover asap.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

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